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Home » Why does my Bluetooth speaker keep disconnecting

Why does my Bluetooth speaker keep disconnecting

Bluetooth speaker keep disconnecting

Why does my bluetooth speaker keep disconnecting 

Most of us have experienced this frustrating problem, where our favorite Bluetooth speaker inexplicably disconnects. But there’s actually a reason behind these frequent disconnects. So we will discuss a solution about why does my Bluetooth speaker keep disconnecting 

I am going to discuss about Why does my bluetooth speaker keep disconnecting 

why does my Bluetooth speaker keep disconnecting from Phone

Why does my speaker keep disconnecting from Bluetooth

Check Different Connections

You Can Move Away from Devices Such as a Wi-Fi Router

Check the Devices Charge

Check to see if the Bluetooth is on or off.

Why does my bose speaker keep disconnecting

Why does my bluetooth speaker keep disconnecting from my phone

Bluetooth technology has been around for many years. It’s normally used to transfer data between two devices, including phones, computers, speakers, and headphones. The process of connecting two devices using Bluetooth is called pairing.

If your Bluetooth speaker keeps disconnecting, then there are several possible reasons. The most common cause is that the Bluetooth speaker is using a protocol that is incompatible with your phone. In addition, the distance between your phone and the speaker must be increased. This can be done by placing the speaker closer to the phone, or by moving them to different rooms.

The majority of the products that are Bluetooth enabled are marked clearly; however, you may find different issues as you try to pair using a computer or older phone. For example, when trying to connect a new Bluetooth speaker to an old MacBook, you’ll experience issues trying to connect the two devices because of a software compatibility issue.

Why does my speaker keep disconnecting from bluetooth

If you want to know how far away you can be from a Bluetooth speaker while still being able to communicate with it, it all depends on the range of your paired device. If you are within the range of a smartphone, you may only need a few feet to initiate the pairing.

Sometimes moving too far away from a signal will distort its connection with other signals nearby. This is why when you’re listening to music, it’s important not to be in the way of a strong speaker.

Check Different Connections

It’s a good idea to ensure that devices are paired before going any further with them. Pairs should be checked prior to every use as the connection can be easily lost if not. This will prevent the connection from being established as you wish it to be.

You Can Move Away from Devices Such as a Wi-Fi Router

Although new gadgets often have higher-tech frequency ranges, older speakers and routers can interfere with their connectivity to devices that use Bluetooth technology. To avoid these issues, keep your router and speakers away from each other.

Check the Devices Charge

Some Bluetooth speakers usually have a power-saving feature. The connection strength can sometimes decrease if you are using the speaker when it is low on battery. To ensure a stable connection, make sure to recharge your speaker before you use it.

Check to see if the Bluetooth is on or off.

Bluetooth is a common connection medium for computer devices to communicate with each other, or with smart devices such as mobile phones and tablets. But even though it’s a relatively easy thing to set up, you still want to make sure it’s turned on. If not, you may not be able to communicate with certain devices.

The following are details about how to turn on Bluetooth:

• In iOS devices, the Bluetooth settings are present in the settings menu.

• In Windows, the Bluetooth settings are present in the control panel.

• In Android, the Bluetooth settings are available at the top-right corner.

You Should Perform a Reset

The Reset button helps to wipe the Bluetooth speaker’s cache such that the factory settings will be restored. The cache of all devices connected to the Bluetooth speaker will be forgotten. After resetting, you should pair the devices afresh.

Check for Updates

Checking for updates is an important step in keeping your devices as up-to-date as possible. When you do so, you’re always looking for ways to make sure your device is ready for whatever the future may bring.

If your device is not updating software updates, there will be problems connecting or using the speaker. For PC users, the main issue could be that you don’t have the right drivers that should be used when you run the speaker.

The driver is the software that the computer uses to control and communicate with hardware connected to it. For example, a printer requires a driver to operate, while a network card needs one to allow the computer to connect to other devices such as routers and modems.

Why does my bose speaker keep disconnecting

 There is no one definitive answer to this question. Some possible causes of bose speaker disconnections could include: a weak or worn out cord, a malfunctioning speaker, interference from other electronic devices, or a defective speaker.


There are a lot of things that can go wrong when it comes to Bluetooth connections. So let’s take a look at what causes this problem and how you can fix it.


 Why does my Bluetooth speaker keep disconnecting and reconnecting since installing ios11?

To make sure that the Bluetooth icon is green, go to Settings > Bluetooth & Location > Turn on Bluetooth, then toggle the switch to off/on to make sure it is working correctly. If it is still displaying red, the issue is most likely with the battery life. If it continues to display a red icon, the issue might be caused by a damaged speaker.

Why does my Bluetooth keep disconnecting from my speaker?

The first thing to check is whether your Bluetooth is turned off. If you are using an iOS device, simply go into the Control Center and click on Bluetooth, and then turn it on. If you are using Android, open up your notification panel, which is usually located at the top of your screen. On the bottom of your phone’s screen, there will be a section labeled Bluetooth with a switch to the left. Make sure it’s on. Next, try restarting your speaker.

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