How to reset Blackweb Bluetooth speaker

Blackweb is a smart Bluetooth speaker with a built-in battery, which can be charged via USB cable. It’s very easy to use and can be used in any place, such as your office, bedroom, or even outdoors. It is a very common problem that the speaker cannot be connected with the phone. This article will tell you how to reset Blackweb Bluetooth speaker.

I am going to discuss about how to reset blackwweb Bluetooth speaker

 1. Resetting Blackweb Bluetooth speaker

2. Steps about how do I reset Blackweb Bluetooth speaker

3. Tips about how to reset Blackweb Bluetooth speaker

Resetting Blackweb Bluetooth speaker

1. If you’re having trouble connecting your Blackweb to your phone or tablet, try the following troubleshooting steps:

2. Make sure your Blackweb is powered on and connected to your laptop or desktop computer.

3. Make sure your Blackweb’s Bluetooth is turned on.

4. Restart your Bluetooth connection by closing and then opening the app.

5. Turn off the Bluetooth on your device and re-open the app.

The best way to get rid of any problems with your Blackweb Bluetooth speaker is to set it back to its factory default settings. It’s simple and quick.

To reset will remove all previously paired devices. This way, your speaker will be ready to pair with new devices like your smartphone, tablet, computer, laptop or any other Bluetooth device.

Steps about how do I reset Blackweb Bluetooth speaker

To restore your speaker, please follow the directions on the bottom 

Turn ON The Blackweb Speaker

Open your Blackweb Bluetooth speaker by pressing the power button. No matter if it is already connected to any device. Just make sure it gets power and turns ON.

Press and Hold Bluetooth and Power Button

Now, we’re going to set your speaker back to its factory settings. To do this, simply press and hold the power button and Bluetooth button simultaneously for more than 3 seconds.

Turn ON Speaker and Pair with your Phone

Reset your Blackweb to its factory defaults. This should ensure that the speaker is working properly again.

Test Connection

You now have the CONNECTED status on your gadget, so you may now test your connection. You may choose a song from your playlist or open a YouTube channel and play songs. If the sound is produced by the speaker, then you have successfully reset and paired your device and the Bluetooth speaker.

1. Resetting a Blackweb speaker is very simple. Simply perform the following steps:

2. Plug in the speaker.

3. Pair the device with your Bluetooth-enabled cell phone, tablet, or computer.

4. Connect the speaker to a power source, like a wall socket, or an AC adapter.

5. You’re good to go!

Play Song From Source and Enjoy

When your Blackweb Bluetooth Speaker is paired with an audio source, play music and see if it is playing through the speaker.

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Tips about how to reset Blackweb Bluetooth speaker

Turn your speaker off and wait for 10 seconds. Then turn it back on and connect your device. If your Bluetooth speakers aren’t working, try replacing the speaker. If the speaker isn’t your issue, you might need to update your device or contact the manufacturer.

If you’ve ever experienced the issue of being paired with a Bluetooth speaker but not having any audio coming out of it, you may have experienced a simple glitch between the pairing of your device and the speaker.

Another tip to try is to restart your mobile device. If you’ve finished restarting it, go to Settings, followed by Bluetooth. Find the Blackweb Bluetooth device listed in my Devices, long press it and press “Forget Device”.

You can easily find your device and play some music by tapping on the menu and then select the “All Devices” option. Select the Bluetooth device you want to connect to and tap on it. You can also do this by pressing and holding the device until it turns blue.

To ensure a smooth connection between two devices, make sure that the mobile device you are using to play songs is within the 30 feet of Bluetooth range. This ensures that there is proper connection between the two devices.


In this post, we’ll show you how to reset the Blackweb Bluetooth speaker to factory defaults.


1. Why do I need to reset the Blackweb Bluetooth speaker?

The speaker may be having a problem with the battery. Resetting the speaker will fix the problem.

2. How do I reset the Blackweb Bluetooth speaker?

To reset the speaker, press and hold the power button for 5 seconds. The speaker will turn on and off until the battery is fully charged.

3. What is a Blackweb Bluetooth speaker?

A Blackweb Bluetooth speaker is a Bluetooth speaker that connects to the Internet and allows you to stream music from any device that has a Bluetooth connection.

4. How do I connect to the Internet with a Blackweb Bluetooth speaker?

To connect your Blackweb Bluetooth speaker to the Internet, you need to use a wireless router.

5. What is the best wireless router for connecting to the Internet?

 The best wireless router for connecting to the Internet is a Belkin Wireless-N 300 Dual Band Gigabit Router.

6. How do I connect my Blackweb Bluetooth speaker to my wireless router?

You need to make sure that your Blackweb Bluetooth speaker is within the range of your wireless router.

7. How do I pair my Blackweb Bluetooth speaker to my wireless router? You will need to turn on your Blackweb Bluetooth speaker and then go to the settings menu.

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