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How to Connect JBL Bluetooth Speaker to Laptop

Connect JBL Bluetooth Speaker to Laptop

 How to connect jbl Bluetooth speaker to laptop 

The JBL Bluetooth speaker is a must-have for every family member. Its great sound quality, small size, and high-quality build make it an ideal speaker for anyone who wants to listen to music on the go. How to connect JBL Bluetooth speaker to the laptop is a breeze, but you’ll have to follow the steps below mentioned.

I am going to discuss about How to connect jbl Bluetooth speaker to laptop 

  1. How to connect jbl speaker to Computer and laptop

2. How to connect JBL Bluetooth speaker to laptop

3. Connecting JBL Speaker To Computer/Laptop With AUX

4. Get AUX Cable

5. Lift Slot Cover

6. Plug AUX Cable

7. Select Your JBL Speaker

8. Play Audio From PC/Laptop

9. How to connect JBL Bluetooth speaker to laptop windows 10

How To Connect JBL Speakers To Computer and laptop

If you already own some JBL speakers and want to use them with your computer or laptop, no need to go to the store to buy a separate speaker as JBL speakers sound great when connected to a computer.

JBL has more than 40 speaker models. The most popular ones are the wireless models, which have their own speaker stand.

JBL’s newest portable speaker is an evolution of the popular JBL Flip series of portable speakers. The new model, JBL Flip 5, adds Bluetooth technology and wireless connectivity but lacks a physical audio input jack. It does have an auxiliary input and the ability to play audio wirelessly from a device such as a phone or MP3 player. The flip-up handle allows the speaker to be held in portrait or landscape modes.

JBL Flip 4 is a wireless speaker which can also be connected to computers and laptops via an auxiliary cable.

How To Pair Jbl Bluetooth Speaker To Pc?

The first step to connecting JBL speakers to your computer and laptop is to go to the JBL Control Center. Here, you will be able to see your current speakers, as well as all of the possible sources you can use to playback audio. From there, you can choose what you would like to hear and when. Bluetooth can be turned on by going to Settings. You can pair a new device with Bluetooth by clicking “Pair new device”. You should be able to pair your JBL device with your phone after tapping it in the list.

Connecting JBL Speaker To Computer/Laptop With AUX

Laptop and PC are almost similar because they both use Windows as their operating system. If the same Windows setup is used on both laptop and computer, they work almost in the same way with the same settings.

That is why connecting to a computer or laptop via cable is just as easy as connecting via Bluetooth or AUX. However, it will take more space on your desk, since you have to carry around the cable along with your speakers.

Get AUX Cable

Get an audio cable that has a 3.5mm jack on both ends. The one you probably have isn’t working very well!

 Lift Slot Cover

On the back of your JBL speaker, lift the slot cover. You will find the Aux and USB connection.

Plug AUX Cable

Connect one end of the AUX cable into the 3.5mm port on your JBL speaker. Then connect the other end of the AUX cable into the audio output port on your computer or laptop.

Turn ON JBL Speaker

Turn your JBL Flip 4 speaker on if it is currently OFF. A blue light will be visible behind the power button to indicate that it has turned ON.

Go To Sound Menu of Windows

Go to the Start Menu in the left bottom corner of your Windows 7. Click on the “Sounds” icon. This will open up a new tab called “Sound”.

Select Your JBL Speaker

From the JBL Flip 4 Sound dialog box you will see two options: Audio source (e.g., Bluetooth, AirPlay, WiFi) and Connect to JBL Flip 4. To connect to JBL Flip 4 select “Bluetooth” and then select your JBL Flip 4 using your mobile device.

Play Audio From PC/Laptop

If you’re using Windows 7 you may be able to test whether a USB speaker works by inserting a USB audio device (like a microphone) into the USB port of your computer and then plugging in a speaker into the same port. If the speakers work, great! If not, try to make sure the device works correctly in other computers.

How to connect jbl bluetooth speaker to laptop windows 10

1. Open Windows 10 PC. 2. Click on the Start button and type Bluetooth in the search bar. 3. Click on the Bluetooth icon that appears on the right side of the window.  4. Click on the Bluetooth device that you want to use with your computer. 5. Click on the Connect button. 6. If the device is connected, the device’s name and profile picture will appear in the Bluetooth window. 7. If the device is not connected, the Bluetooth window will list the available devices and their profiles.


In conclusion, I’m here to tell you how to connect the JBL  Bluetooth speakers to your PC. Connecting these JBL speakers to your PC requires a few steps, and it’s pretty simple once you know what you’re doing. Once you get the connection setup correctly, you can now listen to your music on Spotify and watch Netflix with speakers! But before you have to dive into the steps to set up the connection.


To which windows can I connect my JBL speakers?

1. Just follow the steps below

2. Make sure that you have installed windows update for your PC

3. You will need the drivers for your system

4. Download the latest Windows driver for your JBL speaker model

5. Install the windows driver

6. Open

How To Pair Jbl Bluetooth Speaker To Pc?

You can pair two speakers together via Bluetooth technology. You need both devices to be capable of Bluetooth. Make sure that the two units are not in close proximity (within 10 feet). The device has to be on. Then, select the pairing option. You will hear a series of beeps until it is paired correctly.

Why Won’t My Bluetooth Device Pair With My Computer?

 Bluetooth devices pair automatically if you have the proper device drivers. If not, try one of these solutions: * Go to the control panel, select Hardware and Sound, and make sure that Bluetooth is turned on. * Go to Device Manager and make sure that your computer is running in the correct profile. * Go to the Bluetooth software, click Options, and click the button to turn on/off automatically connect your Bluetooth manager and connect the speaker to the Bluetooth device.

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